“Little Legends” are nurtured here…

A great deal of thought and consideration goes in choosing the right preschool for your child - the first and most important step your little darling makes into the world of education. So, if you ask us why Little Legends? We'd proudly say that, we create a caring, nurturing and loving environment for your little ones, while building a foundation for their happiness, success and growth.

Little Legends was conceived and built with the modern child in mind. It is not only child-friendly but also makes use cutting edge educational technologies to help children enjoy learning at this delicate stage..

Little Legends special nature lies in the three aspects of its distinctive personality: its staff, its unique value set, and its commitment to new generation of ideas help impart education in a fun manner.

Sumy Vasan Director
( LL.B (Hons). & LL.M U.S.A, DCL)
(Admin. and Academics) Little Legends