Playschool Facility


Best facilities produce best results, and Little Legends endeavors for the best through its premium and world-class facilities. We have initiated to bring overall growth and grooming of kids and achieve that target through the excellent facilities.

Besides amazing infrastructural set-up, Little Legends boasts of effective and modern transport set-up to carry your kids to the school. Your little wonders are ferried smoothly and luxuriously in INNOVA and ENDEAVOR alongside enjoying plasma screen, sound system etc.

Little Legends is a destination of constant energy and inspiration and your child gets all through the faculty. The faculty is motivated, energetic and tech-savvy to instil a sense of fun and learning while playing.

The school is concerned with the thorough growth of the kids, thus maintains a ratio of 1:5 between the faculty and kids. Furthermore, high-tech toys are there in 1:1 ratio to make things further interesting and creative. The learning process is attuned to mix attraction and allure and allow kids to have lots of fun.