Education is our passport to the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!

The main purpose of ‘Little Legends’ is to make education fun for your little ones. we have an integrated curriculum which focues on the holistic developnebt if the child. At Little Legends, we have ensured that our excellence does not stop at infrastructure, technology & features but extends to our academics as well.

At little Legends we wish to imbibe a fondness of books in the children, so we are going the extra mile by not only having a larges library at out school but also developing a personal library for each & every chile.

We do not believe in teaching but in creating a conducive learning environment that every child can bloom in . from the traditional syllabi to the most modern topics, everything is done in a fun manner.

Majority of the concepts at little legends are covered using fun activities. Whether it is clay modeling or sand sculpture, we make sure that every kind tries his / her hand at different things